Oxtail, as a cooking raw material, has always had a special position in Chinese food. After the dish is completed, the red and bright color, soft and tender taste, rich and mellow taste and attractive aroma constitute the unique flavor style of this dish. In this dish, we should pay attention to several things: 1. Oxtail has a strong peculiar smell, so the water should be transparent. When cold water is put into the pot, the amount of water should be wide, the blood foam should be removed in time, and then washed after water. 2. When firing oxtail, the seasoning should be strong. The amount of green onion, ginger, garlic, star anise, cinnamon, tangerine peel and pepper is greater than that of ordinary dishes. In particular, the amount of yellow rice wine is about 1250g oxtail. It is appropriate to transfer 200g yellow rice wine into it. It is best to put it into the pot when making it, and it should be cooked with hot oil when there is aroma overflow. Only in this way, The taste of ethanol contained in the can be organically integrated with the soup, and can play a role in enriching the taste of dishes. It’s best to choose authentic Shaoxing yellow rice wine. 3. When firing oxtail, the soup should not be too much, because the taste stage of raw materials is better when the overall firing temperature is 2 / 3. If there is too much soup, it is like cooking oxtail soup, and most of the taste of raw materials is lost in the soup, so that the taste of condiments cannot be concentrated on oxtail. According to experience, it is appropriate to just submerge oxtail, It’s OK to keep the soup bubbling. 4. Oxtail must be roasted and tender. The state is that oxtail is clamped into the plate, and the meat can be removed gently with chopsticks. 5. The soup should be thickened with the original juice instead of thicken powder. Only in this way can we ensure the characteristics of the raw materials, original soup, original juice and original flavor of the dishes.


1250g oxtail
1 carrot (not needed)
30 pepper granules
2 dried peppers
Three octagons
1 cinnamon
2 pieces of Angelica dahurica
3 Amomum villosum (no, it doesn't matter)
1 orange peel
1 licorice
200ml flower carving wine (yellow rice wine)
20ml braised soy sauce
Proper amount of salt
A little pepper
5 garlic seeds
5 ginger slices
3 scallions


Step 1
Soak oxtail in water for about half an hour, pour bleeding water, then put it into the pot with cold water, and boil bleeding foam over high heat

Step 2
The boiled blood foam should be scooped out in time, otherwise it is boiled in unclean water, and the peculiar smell of oxtail will be relatively large. Therefore, the blood foam must be boiled completely, that is, it needs to be boiled for a few more minutes after boiling, and remember to turn it over halfway,

Step 3
After cooking, remove and wash with water

Step 4
Prepare spices: Amomum villosum, licorice, Angelica dahurica, tangerine peel (the above four can be put into the seasoning bag), cinnamon, star anise, pepper, dry pepper, garlic, scallion and ginger slices,

Step 5
Carrot cutting and rolling blade

Step 6
Heat oil to 150 degrees and deep fry carrots until golden

Step 7
That's it. The surface is wrinkled, so the carrots are not easy to stew.

Step 8
Then deep fry oxtail until the surface is yellowish, which can remove some oil and seal the meat

Step 9
Put tea oil in the pot, medium hot fragrant pepper and dry pepper. Because children don't eat spicy, put less. Those who like spicy can put more. Be careful not to fry. Remove the pepper and dry pepper and throw them away

Step 10
Saute onion, ginger and garlic until fragrant. Star anise and cinnamon can also be fried to give flavor,

Step 11
Pour the fried spices and oil into the soup pot, add oxtail, pour in flower carving wine, and fry until the aroma of the wine escapes.

Step 12
Add soy sauce in brown sauce, pour in clear soup or water, just submerge the oxtail, add rock sugar, pepper and a small amount of salt, put the seasoning bag in, boil it, turn it to low heat and simmer slowly for about two hours. The amount of fire is suitable for the soup.

Step 13
When the meat can be poked in with chopsticks, but it is still a little hard, add carrots and stew together

Step 14
Stew until you can easily pierce the meat with chopsticks. If there is too much water, close the juice with fire

Step 15
Then fish out oxtail and carrots

Step 16
Filter the spices in the soup and start to thicken the soup over a high fire. At this time, be sure to keep stirring without any paste pot. When the soup thickens and leaves the fire, when the bubbles disappear, add a spoonful of oil without stirring, so as not to mix the oil with the soup, so as not to achieve the purpose of brightening the soup. Pour the soup directly onto the dishes.

Step 17
A plate of braised oxtail with pungent aroma and soft tenderness comes out of the pot.