Sichuan Cuisine: boiled fish. Sichuan’s fresh green and white pepper is fragrant and hemp. The whole pot of boiled fish is delicious. The fish fillets are tender, smooth, spicy and fragrant. The cooking method is just right. The fish fillets can be picked up and not rotten. This pot of boiled fish is delicious and the family eats clean.


800g bass
An egg white
500g soybean sprouts
Appropriate amount of fresh green pepper
50g dried pepper
35g Pixian bean paste
50g minced garlic
20G ginger powder
Appropriate amount of scallion
3 g Sugar
15g chili oil
10g pepper oil
Proper amount of salt
15g meijixian soy sauce
Proper amount of pepper
Proper amount of water starch


Step 1
Bass open back, remove fish intestines, pick up bones and fish meat,

Step 2
Sliced fish

Step 3
Pickling: add 1g salt, 1g pepper, 2G chicken powder, 15g cooking wine, and about 25g egg white,

Step 4
Pickling: 10 grams of pepper oil, an appropriate amount of sweet potato starch powder, evenly grasp and marinate for 30 minutes,

Step 5
Fish head, bones and brisket are the same as the seasoning of fish fillets. Marinate for 30 minutes,

Step 6
Put oil in the pot and stir fry minced ginger and garlic

Step 7
Stir fry the dried chili for standby, and add some spicy dried red chili,

Step 8
Put oil in the pot and stir fry garlic with soybeans. I don't like to stir fry boiled soybeans. I still like to stir fry, fragrant and delicious.

Step 9
Put the fried bean sprouts in a large bowl,

Step 10
Put oil in the pot to saute the minced ginger and garlic, and put Pixian bean paste

Step 11
Stir fry Pixian bean paste over low heat to produce red oil, add water or soup,

Step 12
Put 2G sugar, 1g pepper, 15g cooking wine and 20g chili oil, and cook the fish head, bone and belly

Step 13
Pick up the fish skull and put it on the cooked soybean sprouts,

Step 14
15 grams of delicious soy sauce in the soup left in the pot,

Step 15
Cook the fish fillets for about 1 minute,

Step 16
Pour the fish and soup into a large soup bowl,

Step 17
The fish head is tender and smooth

Step 18
Add fried red and dry pepper and sprinkle with scallion,

Step 19
Then put Sichuan fresh green pepper,

Step 20
Pour boiling oil on the dried green pepper and red pepper. The sound of clattering is very good.

Step 21
finished product

Step 22
The fish fillets are not rotten or broken, just right,

Step 23
The fish fillet is tender and smooth, spicy, salty, fresh and sweet.

Step 24
finished product