As a matter of fact, fried milk is a traditional food from Shunde, Guangdong Province, and a must eat snack when I go to Daliang, Shunde. Today, I’m going to make it. Fried milk takes fresh milk and low flour as the main raw materials, which fully maintains the nutritional components of fresh milk. After deep frying, the skin is crisp but not hard, and the heart is tender and delicious. It has the taste of fresh milk, and its taste is comfortable The features of lovely shape are deeply loved by the elderly and children, the method is simple, very easy to use!


400g pure milk
60g corn starch
50g granulated sugar
1 egg
70g low gluten powder
30 g water
1g baking powder
20G bread bran


Step 1
Mix milk with corn starch and 40g sugar;

Step 2
Pour into the pot, heat over low heat and stir

Step 3
After the paste, change to medium heat, until cooked, the color becomes slightly transparent, out of the pot standby;

Step 4
Pour into the square mold, scrape it flat with a scraper, and freeze for 2 hours;

Step 5
Take out the cutting strip;

Step 6
Beat the eggs, add low gluten powder, baking powder and 10g sugar to make a paste;

Step 7
Stick the pieces of milk to the paste and wrap them with bread bran;

Step 8
After cooking 160 degrees in oil pan, deep fry in oil pan.