When you see the word mustard, you may think of which kind of pickled mustard is. In fact, it is not. Mustard is a specialty around Peng village, Shuidong Town, Guangdong Province. It is also called “Peng village Mustard” because of this area. Due to the special varieties and geographical and climatic conditions, Shuidong mustard has the characteristics of crisp and delicious, tender and slag free, fresh and sweet, and small planting. It is very popular in the market. It is a high-grade vegetable and has a good reputation in China’s domestic and international markets. This mustard is very rare here. It is only sold in large supermarkets and large markets. The price is very expensive. I bought it at 15 yuan a kilogram. It is available in large hotels, and the price is very high. This is an improved version of your own taste.


400g mustard
Appropriate amount of Lycium barbarum
10g oyster sauce
Appropriate amount of vegetable oil
Proper amount of salt
Appropriate amount of starch


Step 1
Ingredients: 400g mustard, 20g salt oyster sauce, 5g wolfberry, 5g sesame oil and 2G water starch

Step 2
Wash the mustard and cut it from the middle of the leaf

Step 3
When blanching

Step 4
Add a few drops of vegetable oil and salt and cook for about 2 minutes,

Step 5
At least on the plate

Step 6
Cold water bubble for Chinese wolfberry

Step 7
Mix starch evenly with water

Step 8
Add water, oyster sauce and stir well with a spoon

Step 9
Add a little water starch, hook a thin thicken, add a little salt of Lycium barbarum, boil over low heat, turn off the fire, add a little sesame oil to make the thicken juice have a layer of gloss, and the thicken juice will have luster. Pour the thicken juice on the coded mustard on the table