Pork and shrimp wonton, delicious, very Guangdong characteristics, thin skin (ready to buy skin), sufficient material, behind a symbolic tail, a bite down ~ move your taste buds!


250 g pork stuffing
110g shrimp
250g wonton skin
2 g salt
A little sugar
A little cornstarch
2 g ginger juice
2 g pepper
5g soy sauce
3 G sesame oil
20G scallion
Appropriate amount of water


Step 1
Minced pork

Step 2
Shell the shrimp, remove the shrimp thread and cut into small pieces

Step 3
Minced pork with shrimp, add chopped green onion, salt, sugar, soy sauce, cornmeal, pepper, ginger juice, sesame oil and so on

Step 4
Stir in the same direction with chopsticks

Step 5
Start baoyuntun, take the skin in one hand, add the right amount of stuffing, not too much, otherwise it is difficult to cook

Step 6
Dip your fingers in water and sweep a little water to the inside of the wonton skin. Fold it to a point

Step 7
Finally, the mouth is closed in the shape of a bag

Step 8
Boil water, put into wonton, see the skin discoloration, turn the heat down, cover, the meat can be cooked