Only with good ingredients can the fresh collision between taste buds and delicious food be realized. This interesting silver lotus shrimp, with crisp fried vermicelli, protein fragrance and q-shell shrimp, is an elegant banquet.


12 white Ecuadorian prawns
Three chicken proteins
15g Longkou fans
2 shallots
3 g salt
2 teaspoons cooking wine
2 g pepper
Proper amount of salad oil
2G edible gold foil


Step 1
First, choose the right ingredients. The Ecuadorian white shrimp produced by COFCO is full in meat.

Step 2
The main materials are prepared, including 12 white Ecuadorian shrimp, 3 eggs, and a handful of slightly cut Longkou vermicelli;

Step 3
First, remove the head, shell and tail of the shrimp, and peel them into shrimps; Wash shallots and cut into small pieces;

Step 4
Marinate the shrimps with salt, pepper and cooking wine for 2-3 minutes;

Step 5
Then take the egg white from the egg;

Step 6
Add a little salt to stir it up;

Step 7
Then add proper amount of salad oil into the pan. When the oil temperature is moderate, deep fry the vermicelli until it is silvery white and crisp. Drain the oil on the oil absorption paper;

Step 8
Then heat the wok with a little oil and stir fry the egg white until cooked;

Step 9
Put the egg white on the fried vermicelli;

Step 10
Pour the marinated shrimp into hot oil and stir fry quickly;

Step 11
Out of the pot, the shrimp evenly placed in three-dimensional Hibiscus eggs, sprinkled with shallot and gold foil can be.