The traditional shrimp dumpling is half moon shaped, spider belly, a total of 12 folds, stuffing shrimp, meat, bamboo shoots, now popular is shrimp dumpling. The quality and delicious shrimp dumplings must be thin and soft, and the dumpling skin is translucent. Shrimp dumplings taste flexible, filling heart delicious, taste fresh and tender. A bite down, full of tender taste


150g Chengfen
50g corn starch
250g fresh shrimp
Cooking wine


Step 1
Mix the clarified powder and corn starch in the ratio of 3:1

Step 2
Add proper amount of lard, slowly pour into boiling water, stir while pouring, knead well and set aside

Step 3
Wash and shell the fresh shrimps

Step 4
Leave some whole prawns and chop up the rest

Step 5
Cut the fat meat into small pieces and chop it into puree

Step 6
Chop shallots and other ingredients

Step 7
Put all the chopped stuffing together, add proper amount of cooking wine, sesame oil, pepper, salt, chicken essence, etc. to taste, stir well

Step 8
Knead the dough into long strips, cut into small pieces, flatten and roll thin

Step 9
Put in the dumpling stuffing and a shrimp, and wrap well

Step 10
Put the shrimp dumplings into the steaming tray, and put them in a big fire for five minutes