Leek box is not eaten less every spring. The box can be used to make hair noodles or hot noodles. I prefer hot noodles because it can be made quickly. It is especially suitable for breakfast in the morning. Knead the dough in the morning, wake up next to it, and then start preparing the stuffing. When the stuffing is ready, the dough is also awake. One bag and one fried, and the fresh box can be eaten. How convenient!


200g flour
2 eggs
A handful of leeks
20G shrimp skin
1 tsp salad oil
5g salt
150 g water
1 tbsp vegetable oil


Step 1
Beat the eggs into egg liquid, fry and chop

Step 2
Drain the leeks after washing and chop them

Step 3
Hot vegetable oil pan, sauteed shrimps

Step 4
Pour in leeks and stir fry until the leeks break

Step 5
Pour in chopped scrambled eggs

Step 6
Season with salt

Step 7
Put the stuffing into a bowl, add 1 tsp salad oil and mix well

Step 8
Wake up and divide the dough into 10 equal parts

Step 9
Take a portion of dough, roll it thin and round to form a box crust

Step 10
Add 1 tablespoon of filling

Step 11
Fold the dough in half and pinch it tightly

Step 12
Pinch out the lace

Step 13
Make all the boxes in turn

Step 14
Heat the pan, spread a thin layer of vegetable oil and drain into the box

Step 15
Fry over medium low heat until golden and turn over

Step 16
As the fillings are cooked, you only need to fry until the surface is golden. Don't worry about being undercooked. You can cover the frying process as needed. Finally, open the cover and fry over medium heat until the bottom is crisp