Autumn is the season to eat shrimp. It’s delicious and the price is beautiful. It’s delicious to fry with eggs. Pour a little linseed oil from the flax commune before coming out of the pot, which is more delicious.


15 ml flaxseed oil of flax commune
4 eggs
8 shrimp
1 shallot
Appropriate amount of salad oil
2 g salt


Step 1

Step 2
Break the eggs.

Step 3
Peel the shrimps, take the shrimps, and pick out the shrimp line for use.

Step 4
Put oil in the pot, fry the shrimps first, change color, and put them out first

Step 5
Then pour in the egg liquid, stir fry until it solidifies, put the chopped green onion and continue to stir well.

Step 6
Pour in the fried shrimps, stir fry well, pour in some linseed oil and mix well. This dish is ready

Step 7
Flaxseed oil of flax commune selects healthy food materials and enjoys a healthy life.