1 jin shrimp
1 piece of pig fat
A handful of bamboo shoots
1 carrot
1 teaspoon pepper
1 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon sugar
Proper amount of cooking wine
Proper amount of vegetable oil
1 packet of wheat starch
1 packet of cassava starch


Step 1
stores reserve

Step 2
Buy the prawns and freeze them in the refrigerator for 12 hours to facilitate shelling and thawing

Step 3
Remove the head and thread of shrimp after thawing

Step 4
One Jin shelling

Step 5
Take out half of the shrimps and chop them into mud. Set aside

Step 6
Dice the rest of the shrimps and set aside

Step 7
Pig fat a small piece, boiling water

Step 8
Pork fat is cooked and chopped

Step 9
A handful of dried bamboo shoots, boiled in boiling water, chopped

Step 10
Take a small slice of carrot and peel it

Step 11
Cut into dices

Step 12
Mix the above ingredients together, add a small spoon of salt, a small spoon of pepper, a small spoon of sugar, the right amount of cooking wine, salt, adjust yourself properly

Step 13
Stir evenly by hand, pick up high and fall down, stir hard

Step 14
Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate

Step 15
Mix the wheat starch and cassava starch in the ratio of 3:1, mix them with boiling water to make them snowflake like. The water must be boiled

Step 16
Keep it hot for three or five minutes

Step 17
When the time is up, knead the dough with your hands

Step 18
Pour in a little vegetable oil to prevent it from drying and getting too sticky

Step 19
Then knead into a uniform dough

Step 20
Put the lid on and let stand for about 10 minutes

Step 21
The dough is ready to use. It's too easy to dry. Make sure to cover it

Step 22
Put a little vegetable oil on the table and knife surface, or it will be too sticky

Step 23
Take a small dosage and press it into skin with the knife

Step 24
It must be steamed thin to get through. The building skill is not in place and needs to be strengthened

Step 25
Put a little bit of stuffing done before, can't be greedy to put too much, oh, it will explode

Step 26
Wrap it in the shape of a crescent moon

Step 27
Slice the remaining carrots

Step 28
Remember to pinch the shrimp dumplings tightly, and then put them on the carrot slices

Step 29
Put it into the steamer and steam it over medium heat for five minutes. The shrimp is easy to mature

Step 30
Finished product picture. The skin of shrimp dumplings in this picture is too thick and not transparent. Please remember to be thin