Crab meat is used in crab bucket. It’s a Kung Fu dish. Most people have low meat yield and waste a lot in processing. This paper introduces a simple method to replace crab meat with shrimp meat. It’s easy to process and can be learned as soon as you learn. This paper introduces how to use the hand-held blender instead of the gourmet Jie integral. The shrimp paste is very delicate, and it tastes great when you learn it. It’s suitable for the top-grade food of family banquet.


Eight South American shrimps
20G mushroom
1 egg white
Scenic salt
Pepper in moderation
3 crab shells


Step 1
South American shrimp

Step 2
Head off, shell off, catgut removed, pinch with salt water.

Step 3
Soak dried mushrooms.

Step 4
Put the diced shrimps into the cup of the machine.

Step 5
Use high speed to block for a few seconds, as shown in the figure.

Step 6
Diced mushrooms.

Step 7
Use a hand-held machine to beat the diced mushrooms for a few seconds.

Step 8
Machine made shrimp button mushroom.

Step 9
Add salt and pepper. Mix well.

Step 10
Wash out the hairy crab shell.

Step 11
The crab shell is filled with shrimp paste.

Step 12
Put it in the drawer and steam for 8 minutes.

Step 13
Beat the egg white to the neutral bubble with the beater.

Step 14
Put the cream on the crab bowl and steam for another 30 seconds.

Step 15
Put it on a plate and decorate it with fried shrimp head.