People in Xinjiang are afraid of heat. It can only be said that since it is high temperature these days, there is no need to cook big dishes. Cold dishes are the best choice. There are only potatoes left at home. It’s really good to have done cold potato shreds. Peel and scrape potato shreds and mix seasoning evenly. It’s simple. You can bring them to the table in a few minutes and look at red pepper shreds, green pepper shreds and yellow potato shreds, It’s so refreshing and crisp! This cold dish is especially suitable for lazy people and people who want to lose weight. It is economical and affordable. A potato is less than 2 yuan, because a kilogram of potatoes is more than 3 yuan and a potato is less than 2 yuan. With condiments, a plate of cold potato shreds is really less than 3 yuan, but the taste is really good. My friends, this practice is really homely and does not need too much condiments, Novices can do it. Eat it in hot weather.


1 potato
Half green red pepper
Proper amount of salt
10g chili oil
5g sesame oil
1g sugar
5g white vinegar


Step 1
Ingredients: one large potato, half green and half red pepper

Step 2
Peel the potatoes. It's best to use larger and smoother potatoes. In this way, the shredding size is also good-looking. You can soak them into silk with a wire planer, so that the silk is uniform in thickness, good-looking and delicious

Step 3
After washing twice with clean water, the taste is very refreshing and crisp after removing the powder

Step 4
Boil water in the pot and put the shredded potatoes in for about 1 minute. Because they are thin, they don't need to be boiled for too long. Basically, the water is almost boiled. If the potatoes are soft for too long, they won't taste good

Step 5
Pick it up and quickly add it into the cold boiled water. Be sure to be too cold. Pick it up and drain the water for use. Wash the green and red, cut them into thin filaments, go down to the boiled water and scald it until it changes color. Quickly cool it in the cold boiled water and pick it up and drain the water for standby

Step 6
Take a small bowl, add a little cold boiled water, white vinegar, salt, and white sugar to mix evenly to make flavor juice. White sugar is the best condiment for cold dishes

Step 7
Add shredded green and red pepper and shredded potato with too cold boiled water in a large bowl, add seasoning and mix well

Step 8
Add chili oil and mix well

Step 9
Drop a few drops of sesame oil and mix well

Step 10
Hot and sour, refreshing, crisp and tender, especially delicious