It’s getting hot. Let’s have a cold dish today — chicken with sesame paste. The refreshing cucumber, sesame paste, shredded chicken and garlic are appetizing.


1 chicken breast
1 cucumber
2 pieces of scallion
2 slices of ginger
Three cloved garlic
1 tbsp cooking wine
1 tbsp raw soy sauce
2 tbsp rice vinegar
1 tbsp starch
3 g white pepper
2 tbsp sesame paste


Step 1
Pour sesame paste into a container, add a small spoon of water and stir with chopsticks in one direction; The sesame paste will become very thick and form a ball

Step 2
Then add a small spoon of water and continue to stir in one direction; After the sesame paste is formed into a ball again, add a little water and repeat the first two steps until it is adjusted to the degree you want

Step 3
Chicken breast in the back of a few knife, in order to taste, with starch, cooking wine, white pepper marinate for five minutes; Spread the onion, ginger and garlic on the surface of chicken breast and steam them in a steamer until the chicken is completely cooked

Step 4
After steaming the chicken breast, discard the seasoning and let it cool to room temperature. Tear the chicken breast into large pieces and it will cool faster; Tear the dried chicken breast into strips by hand

Step 5
Pour soy sauce and vinegar into the good sesame paste, mix well, and then add some garlic; Mix shredded chicken, shredded cucumber and sesame paste and mix well