Shouxi Shaoguo is actually a beef hotpot. It is very popular in Japan. It is divided into Japanese Shouxi pot, Taiwan Japanese Shouxi pot and so on. There are various ways to eat. For example, the Japanese usually eat white rice with the juice of radish.


400g fat cattle
1 bundle of Flammulina velutipes
5 fresh mushrooms
15 Qingkou
3 bamboo wheels
1 piece of tofu
1 pack of konjac shreds
1 green onion
2 teaspoons pepper
150ml Shouxi roasted juice


Step 1
Cut off the tail (root) of the bought Flammulina velutipes, then tear it up by hand and soak it in water for 10 minutes, then wash it 2-3 times and pick it up for standby.

Step 2
As long as the green onions are scallion white, cut the scallion white into all sizes. (the main purpose of scallion white is to add flavor to the pot)

Step 3
Cut the bought bamboo wheel into appropriate size; Open the package of konjac silk, take it out and wash it for standby.

Step 4
Remove the roots of fresh mushrooms, clean the dirt on the surface, and then cut patterns on the surface of mushrooms (the cut mushrooms can also be put in the pot for a while to avoid waste.)

Step 5
On the flat side, insert the tip of the knife into the seam of the shell, and then cut it down. After cutting, remove the grass inside. After cutting out the meat, wash it in water for standby. (the main purpose of this is that the shells of the scallops are dirty, and it will take time to clean them, so the meat can be prepared directly for standby. If you want to keep them, you can choose some clean shells.)

Step 6
After taking out the tofu, cut it into appropriate size, and then fry its surface in an oil pan until golden yellow for standby. (you can add tender tofu, oil tofu, etc. as you like)

Step 7
Beef broth in the pan, cook until melted, add half beef until lightly changed, slow down the fire and add the sauce to the longevity sauce. Then add the hot water and cool it up. (if the flavor is not enough, add some seasoning to taste), the beef soup can be cooked more, and can be added when eating hot pot.

Step 8
Arrange the prepared materials according to your preferences, and the rest can be used for standby. Add them when you finish the first pot.

Step 9
Finally, pour the cooked beef soup into the material pot. After firing and cooking, you can taste the sweet and fresh Shouxi shaopot (Japanese beef hotpot). After eating this pot for a round, you can add materials. After all, you can use this soup to cook noodles or pour white rice into the soup. It is very delicious.