Shouxi Shao is a Japanese beef pot, that is, Japanese hot pot. It tastes sweet and has a variety of methods. It can be adjusted according to the materials and preferences at hand, but beef is essential and the method is very simple.


500g beef
500g tender tofu
300g konjac
Appropriate amount of cabbage
Right amount of spinach
Proper amount of Flammulina velutipes
2 fresh sea cubes
Appropriate firewood fish slices
Proper amount of Shouxi roasted soy sauce
Appropriate amount of sesame paste hot pot dip
Proper amount of all kinds of hot pot balls


Step 1
For the prepared materials, first clean the vegetables and drain the water;

Step 2
Put water in the pot and put the kelp head, that is, the root of kelp, the older part;

Step 3
Cover the pot, bring to a boil and cook for a while;

Step 4
About 5 minutes, add an appropriate amount of firewood fish slices;

Step 5
Continue to cook until the smell of firewood fish floats everywhere;

Step 6
Filter the boiled soup into the electric pot, remove kelp and firewood fish slices;

Step 7
This is Shouxi soy sauce, a light soy sauce with sweet taste;

Step 8
Pour an appropriate amount into the electric pot. There is kelp soup in the pot. Taste it. After adjusting it, make the bottom of the pot;

Step 9
Put the washed vegetables in the electric pot in turn and turn on the power. The rest is the same as eating hot pot. Dip with sesame paste or whatever you like.