Cantonese people are not happy without soup. They haven’t had Soup for a long time. Today, they are happy to reward themselves for their busy work. Shouwu lean meat soup is a relatively simple, also can be regarded as a lazy approach. As long as the materials are ready, you can do other things willfully.


8g Polygonum multiflorum
20G lean meat
5g salt
100 ml water


Step 1
Prepare the materials and soak the Radix Polygoni Multiflori for 20 minutes in advance

Step 2
Now you can cut the lean meat into pieces

Step 3
Put the soaked Radix Polygoni Multiflori into the stewing cup

Step 4
Put the lean meat into the stew

Step 5
Add water and salt

Step 6
After everything is ready, put it into the steamer. Remember to put more water into the steamer

Step 7
Steam over high heat, wait for water to boil, then steam over low heat for 40 minutes. When the water is about to dry, add some water to continue cooking

Step 8
After the soup is steamed. Remember to stir with a spoon to get the salt into the soup