Potstickers are delicious. It’s very satisfying to match porridge in the morning. However, seeing the menu title, you must say: where can I get shepherd’s purse this season? Yeah! Where can I get it in autumn? Quietly tell you, my shepherd’s purse is stored in spring. I bought a lot. After washing it, blanch it with boiling water to squeeze the water, divide it into several parts, seal it in a fresh-keeping bag, and then put it in the refrigerator for freezing. You see, when you want to be greedy and addicted to shepherd’s purse stuffing, take a piece out of the refrigerator. If you have a very good shepherd’s purse filling, don’t forget my method!


250g shepherd's purse
90g pork puree
2 shallots
Proper amount of salt
A little pepper
1 egg


Step 1
First, chop the shepherd's purse after blanching and squeezing water, and knock in eggs, salt, pepper, monosodium glutamate and green onions

Step 2
Stir in one direction to make dumpling stuffing. In this way, the stuffing tastes good

Step 3
Knead the dough with water and flour, wake up for a while, divide it into small preparations and roll it into dumpling skin. I prepared two colors: amaranth juice, pink noodles and pumpkin noodles

Step 4
Wrap dumpling stuffing, side to side, just pinch the middle, don't knead the two ends

Step 5
Wrap all the fried dumplings like this

Step 6
Mix flour with 3 times water to make batter and set aside

Step 7
After the pan or electric cake pan is preheated, brush some oil on the surface of the pan with a brush, and then put it into fried dumplings for 2 minutes

Step 8
If you like to be faster, pour half a bowl of water into the pot, cover the pot and fry until the water is dry. If you hear the sound of the pan, fry the bottom of the fried dumplings until they are yellow and crisp

Step 9
If you have spare time, you can pour half a bowl of flour water instead of water, and fry until the bottom of the fried dumplings is golden and crisp

Step 10
Such a plate of fried dumplings with a bowl of porridge and a dish of pickled vegetables makes Meimei's breakfast so simple