Shengjian, also known as Shengjian steamed bread, is a traditional flavor snack in Shanghai. The bottom of Shengjian is crisp and fragrant, the filling heart soup is rich, and the taste is delicious. Generally, there are two kinds of semi hairy noodles and full hairy noodles. What I do is full hairy noodles. Today, the hairy noodles are fermented in the oven at 37 degrees for 50 minutes. The dough is just right, and the finished product tastes great.


500g ordinary flour
200g jelly
500g minced pork
30 ml oil
20ml cooking wine
5g yeast
250 ml warm water
A little shallot
A little white sesame
6 g salt
1 tbsp oyster sauce
One egg


Step 1
Prepare flour, 5g yeast powder, add 250 warm water and mix well until melted

Step 2
Then pour the yeast water into the flour and knead it until it is three light (surface light, hand light and basin light). Cover it with plastic wrap for fermentation. I fermented it in an oven

Step 3
Ferment to 2 times larger

Step 4
After kneading and exhausting, divide into about 17 grams of dough, cover with fresh-keeping film and let it stand for 15 minutes

Step 5
Prepare scallion, white sesame and skin jelly

Step 6
Add salt, eggs, cooking wine, oyster sauce and scallions into the minced meat and stir clockwise until sticky

Step 7
Then add the jelly and stir well

Step 8
Take a dough blank, roll it into a round skin shape, and add stuffing

Step 9
Close up until all are done

Step 10
Pour oil into the hot pot

Step 11
Add the raw frying in warm oil one by one until the bottom turns yellow

Step 12
Add half a bowl of water

Step 13
Cover immediately and fry over medium heat

Step 14
Fry until the water in the pot dries up. When the bottom of the pot squeaks, open the lid, add white sesame and scallion, fry for a moment until the bottom is crisp and fragrant, and then turn off the fire and go out of the pot

Step 15
Eat while it's hot, take a bite, slowly suck the soup, and then take a big bite to avoid scalding your mouth

Step 16
Dip in balsamic vinegar to relieve greasiness and increase flavor