Fried Bun is a traditional snack of Han nationality, which is popular in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Guangdong. It is called Fried Bun for short. Because Shanghai people used to call “steamed bun” as “steamed bread”, fried bun is popular in Shanghai. Features: crisp skin, thick juice, delicious meat, exquisite. A bite, meat, oil, onion, sesame all delicious in the mouth for a long time. The original teahouse, tiger stove (boiled water shop) concurrently varieties. Since the 1930s, Shanghai’s catering industry has set up professional shops for fried steamed bread, and the variety of stuffing has also increased, such as chicken, shrimp and so on.


200g pork stuffing
1 small box of soup
200g flour
Moderate salt
1 teaspoon cooking wine
Half teaspoon sugar
Proper amount of salad oil
1 scallion
A little pepper
A little black sesame
1 teaspoon ginger juice
Half teaspoon sesame oil
1 teaspoon of soy sauce


Step 1
Add some water to the pot and put in a small box of soup

Step 2
Boil, stir well and pour out for cooling

Step 3
Buy ready-made pork paste, add cooking wine

Step 4
Add ginger juice

Step 5
Add salt, sugar and pepper

Step 6
Add fresh soy sauce

Step 7
Add some sesame oil and mix well

Step 8
Add the boiled broth to the mashed meat several times, and stir each time until the mixture is blended

Step 9
Stir until fully absorbed

Step 10
Take a bowl and add flour

Step 11
The yeast is boiled with warm water and added to the flour

Step 12
Add proper amount of water and dough

Step 13
Now in the summer, it is fermented indoors to twice the size

Step 14
The dough fermentation is completed and the exhaust is rounded and relaxed for 15 minutes

Step 15
Rubbing long strips

Step 16
Cut it into small pieces. I cut 15 pieces altogether

Step 17
Take a small dosage and flatten it

Step 18
Add the right amount of meat

Step 19
Wrap it up like a bun

Step 20
Add a little oil into the pan and fry the steamed buns face down for a while

Step 21
Add proper amount of water, cover and bring to a boil. Turn to low heat and cook until the juice is dry

Step 22
Pour the salad oil again. This time, you need more oil to make the bottom crisp

Step 23
Finally, pour out the excess oil, sprinkle with green onion and black sesame, and then out of the pot