In other words, it’s hard to know whether soy sauce duck belongs to Cantonese, Hunan or Shanghai cuisine. It can only be said that it is one of the famous traditional flavors in Jiangnan and other places. It tastes fresh, sweet, fat and tender, suitable for all ages. Duck meat also has the functions of clearing away heat and toxin, nourishing yin and reducing fire, stopping bleeding and dysentery, and nourishing.


500g duck leg
8g cooking wine
10 grams of soy sauce
15g veteran
12g rock sugar
5g scallion
4 g ginger
5g garlic
5 g star anise
5g cinnamon
3 G fragrant leaves
2 g pepper powder
1 g salt


Step 1
Wash the duck legs, put them in cold water with ginger slices and cooking wine, and blanch them to remove the blood

Step 2
After blanching the duck legs, rinse the foam with warm water and prepare other materials

Step 3
Stir fry garlic slices, star anise and cinnamon

Step 4
Continue to add cold water, cooking wine, soy sauce, soy sauce, rock sugar, onion, ginger, fragrant leaves, pepper powder, heat to boiling, add duck leg, stew in medium heat

Step 5
Simmer until the soup is thick. Turn it several times in the middle

Step 6
Add a little salt to the juice and leave a little soup. Cut into pieces with a bone chopper and water the juice