Glazed meat is an authentic Shandong cuisine snack, which is about to be lost! Although all the ingredients used are pig fat, they are crisp, sweet and not greasy, so they are named because their skin is as bright as glass.


228g pork (fat)
130g soft sugar
600g mustard oil
1 egg
50g raw powder


Step 1
Choose pig fat

Step 2
Fat the pig and cut it into strips

Step 3
Prepare the egg and starch

Step 4
The long meat, first sticky egg, and then wrapped in raw powder

Step 5
Heat the oil in the pan until 70%. Drop the long strips in turn

Step 6
After deep frying, pick out the oil

Step 7
Leave a little oil on the pan and pour in cotton sugar

Step 8
Medium low heat, stir fry quickly until amber, then turn off the heat

Step 9
Pour in the deep fried pork, stir fry quickly, and cover with sugar

Step 10
The glazed meat wrapped with sugar, one by one picked to brush oil containers