As one of the common types of noodles in Shaanxi Province, people in Western Shaanxi need a bowl every day. In particular, oil spilled noodles are the most popular. Pour the boiling oil directly on the spicy noodles, and you can eat it with the sound of Zila. The garlic flavor is the first taste of the spicy noodles.


500g flour
Winter: 240-245g spring and Autumn: 230-235 g water
Winter: 4-5g spring and Autumn: 6-7g salt
6.5:1.5:2:1 scallion: ginger: garlic: scallion: shallot
The proportion of 80 g thick chili noodle + 30 g fine chili noodle + 2 g spice chili noodle
6 two sides, 3 grams of salt, 3 grams of chicken monosodium glutamate, vinegar and oil


Step 1
1. First of all, start with Hemian. High gluten flour is stronger because of the addition of salt. Use 8-9g of salt and 220-225g of water for one jin of flour. The professional saying of master is as follows:

Step 2
2. Secondly, knead the dough, knead the dough must ensure that white gluten light. After standing and waking up, knead the dough again, divide the dough into two parts, and let it stand for three or four hours after sealing.

Step 3
3. The most difficult is the skill of pulling noodles. A novice needs to practice repeatedly to make sure the noodles meet the standard. Knead the dough into uniform thickness with fingers, and then smooth it with both hands. On the basis of kneading noodles, hold the two ends of noodles with two hands and gently swing them up and down. Then increase the swing range, that is, the two arms slowly expand outward, we must feel the muscle and rhythm expansion of the face, otherwise it is easy to break. The appropriate size of the dough pulled out of the face is almost 1.5 meters long.

Step 4
Ingredient formula of oil spilled noodles:

Step 5
Hot pepper noodles ratio = 80 g thick pepper noodles + 30 g fine pepper noodles + 2 g spices

Step 6
Finally, pour hot oil with oil temperature of 200 ℃ on the chili noodles.