Shaanxi people like to eat noodles, and there are many kinds of noodles, which is known to all.


120g carrot
140g potatoes
120g celery
70g dried beans
100g green vegetables
30g leek
260 g flour
105 g water
25g scallion
Proper amount of salt
Proper oil
Proper raw extract
Proper amount of thirteen spice powder


Step 1
Material Science.

Step 2
Carrots, potatoes, celery and dried beans are diced for standby. Leeks are also cut into small sections. Cover the mixed dough with a wet cloth for about half an hour. In the middle, you can knead it again to fully integrate the dough with water.

Step 3
Heat the oil in a frying pan, stir fry the green onions with warm oil, and stir fry the diced carrots.

Step 4
Then add dried diced beans, continue to stir fry, and transfer in an appropriate amount of raw soy sauce.

Step 5
Stir fry the dried beans until they are a little dry. Add diced potatoes, add an appropriate amount of thirteen spices and salt and continue to stir fry.

Step 6
Finally, stir fry diced celery for two minutes.

Step 7
Add some hot water and cook over high heat to make all the dishes delicious. Finally, leave a little soup.

Step 8
Roll a good face into a wide face.

Step 9
Boil water in a soup pot, add noodles after the water boils, cook until the noodles are almost cooked, add green vegetables, take them out after cooking, pour the topping just fried, put leeks, transfer oil, and pour pepper, salt and vinegar.