For a long time, I thought there was only steamed cake. I don’t know that there is also a home-made recipe in Northeast China – steamed cake. Steamed cake is a bit like the thousand layer cake we eat every day, but it is fried. Although it tastes good, it does have a certain range of consumers, such as the elderly and children. It seems that it is not easy to eat more. In addition, it is not easy to eat more fried things. So as soon as I saw the pancake, I had the idea of trying. After steaming, the food has a soft and tender texture, which reminds me of Yangzhou oil cake. A burst of joy in my heart. What I want to do but can’t do all the time is solved in this way? ha-ha


200g flour
50g sesame paste
20G chopped walnut kernel
2 g yeast
20G ordinary dry


Step 1
Walnut crumbs and ordinary dry, rinse and drain; Homemade sesame paste for standby

Step 2
Melt the yeast in warm water, pour it into the flour, knead it until it is strong, cover it for fermentation, and ferment it to twice the size

Step 3
Place the dough on the panel and knead it

Step 4
Spread it out and roll it into dough with a rolling pin

Step 5
Cut with a knife without breaking in the middle

Step 6
Sprinkle sesame paste, chopped walnuts and ordinary dry on the dough

Step 7
Fold them one by one and wrap them up

Step 8
Steam in cold water

Step 9
Bring the water to a boil, turn to medium heat, and steam with water for 20 minutes

Step 10
After steaming, turn off the heat and remove the cover after three minutes

Step 11
Put the steamed cake on the chopping board, cut it into pieces and put it on a plate