Eat too much chicken wings for a change


Ten chicken wing roots
Half an onion
Two oranges
A little salt
Proper cooking wine
Proper raw extract
A little sugar
A little oil
Proper amount of pepper


Step 1
Wash chicken wing root and slice half an orange (forgot to take photos)

Step 2
Other juices

Step 3
Add sugar to orange juice and cook wine

Step 4
Peel and mince onions

Step 5
Pour oil in a pan. Add chicken wing root and fry

Step 6
Take it out after the surface is golden

Step 7
Leave oil in the pan and stir fry with chopped onion,

Step 8
Add chicken wing root and stir fry slightly

Step 9
Pour in the prepared orange juice, cover and cook over low heat for 30 minutes

Step 10
Sprinkle with salt. Pepper seasoning

Step 11
Plate and decorate with orange slices