During school holidays, I have nothing to do. I make ginger chicken wings at home. It’s a little spicy stew. It’s rotten. It’s suitable for rice noodles. If you like stronger ginger flavor, you can put more ginger slices


16 chicken wing roots
Proper amount of ginger
Proper cooking wine
Fennel seed
2 dried peppers
3 octagons
Proper amount of fresh pepper
1 small piece of cinnamon
Proper braised soy sauce
Appropriate amount of delicious soy sauce
A small amount of sweet flour sauce
Appropriate shredded scallion
Right amount of onion
Appropriate amount of refined white granulated sugar
Appropriate amount of Lycium barbarum


Step 1
Put the chicken wing root into the pot with cold water and add three pieces of ginger. Pour in an appropriate amount of cooking wine and heat it slowly, so as to blanch the blood in the chicken wing root

Step 2
Remove the foam with a spoon, wait for the water to boil, remove the chicken wing root and drain

Step 3
Put seven or eight slices of ginger and two tablespoons of sugar into the hot pot with cold oil

Step 4
After stir fry ginger over low heat, put the chicken wing root in and stir fry the chicken wing root over high fire

Step 5
Put an appropriate amount of fennel

Step 6
Two dried peppers

Step 7
An appropriate amount of delicious soy sauce

Step 8
When the chicken wing root is fried yellow, add an appropriate amount of water

Step 9
Add an appropriate amount of Lycium barbarum

Step 10
Three petaled octagonal

Step 11
A small piece of cinnamon

Step 12
Add an appropriate amount of soy sauce

Step 13
Add a small amount of sweet flour sauce

Step 14
Put in some pepper

Step 15
Add some shredded scallions

Step 16
After boiling over high heat, change it to low heat to taste

Step 17
Add some salt to season the sauce and finish ✅ There is some fresh spicy taste