Beef ball is a famous snack of Han nationality in Chaoshan area of Guangdong Province. Hakka cuisine originated from Han nationality. Most of the early vendors of beef balls were Hakkas. They were Hawking along the streets in today’s Shantou City. Especially in the evening, from the Bajiaoting of handi road to the Hanjiang area behind the park, there are often shuttling boats with a small light hanging on the bow, which are specially used to sell supper and beef ball soup for Hakka cargo ships berthed there.


250 grams of beef
50g pork (fat)
25g coriander
10 g salt
1 g baking soda
5g chicken essence
12g sugar
35g starch
90g water
13 g salad oil
2 g tangerine peel


Step 1
Pork, parsley, minced

Step 2
Add sugar and stir well

Step 3
Add chicken essence with baking soda and stir well with salt

Step 4
Add some water while stirring

Step 5
Add the pork foam

Step 6
Add starch and stir well

Step 7
Add orange peel and coriander and stir well

Step 8
Squeeze the meat into pieces with water and put them on the plate with coriander. Then put them in the steamer and cover them