I’m happy to make my own food, no matter whether it’s delicious or not. At least I can make it. Ha ha!


1 piece of laver
50g dried shrimps
2 shallots
A few drops of sesame oil
A little salt


Step 1
Put Porphyra directly in the heated non stick pot, right, do not add water, do not add oil, dry fry until dark green

Step 2
Soak the shrimps for 3 minutes

Step 3
Cut the green onion into small pieces and set aside

Step 4
After boiling, tear up the Porphyra, add the Porphyra and shrimp skin, cook for 4 minutes, then add the scallion, salt and sesame oil, stir and serve

Step 5
Easy, hehe, simple and nutritious