Chinese toon sprouts are from snacks to big dishes. You can fry eggs, cold tofu, vermicelli and Hu into Chinese toon fish


2 two Toona sinensis buds
4 eggs
1 tablespoon salt
Proper oil


Step 1
In my hometown, early spring is coming. Shallots and Toona sinensis buds are fresh in the market. People eat them for 1 yuan a kilo.. Shallot egg box, shallot dip sauce, are delicious. Shallots can only be eaten fresh, but not in Guangzhou. It's too expensive to buy them online.

Step 2
Toona sinensis is a natural green health food with medicinal and natural foods. Toona sinensis contains more nitrate and nitrite than ordinary vegetables. Therefore, when Toona sinensis sprouts are sprouts, whether it is cold stir frying or fried Toona sinensis, they should be scalded and scalded before cooking. They can remove nitrite and nitrate above 2/3 for a minute or so, and the aroma of Toona sinensis is mainly from essential oils. It is insoluble in water, so blanching will not affect the dishes

Step 3
This is the Chinese toon bud I scalded last year. It's frozen. Is it the same green

Step 4
Put Chinese Toon in a bowl and heat it with water to soften it. At this time, you will smell a stronger smell of Toona sinensis.

Step 5
Squeeze out the water and dice into a bowl.

Step 6
Beat in the eggs, add a spoonful of salt and a little oil.

Step 7
Break up the eggs and mix well with Toona sinensis.

Step 8
Heat the wok, add the bottom oil and pour in the egg liquid.

Step 9
When the bottom can shake after solidification, turn it again.

Step 10
Stir fry until both sides are golden.

Step 11
No excess oil will flow out is true love