Today’s dish is a very famous dish called “tomato fried egg”. The reason why it is very popular in is the taste. Then there is its nutritional value. First of all, in terms of taste, the dishes are sour, sweet and delicious, the eggs are fragrant, and the juice is appetizing. When eating, pour the juice on the rice. Even one more bowl is not enough. In terms of nutritional and therapeutic value, an Italian proverb says: “when the tomato is red, the doctor’s face will be green. The meaning is that the whole body of the tomato is treasure. When the tomato is red, people often eat tomatoes, and they rarely get sick. The doctor’s face turns green when there are no patients. Tomatoes contain very high vitamins and lycopene


2 tomatoes
3 eggs
Half celery
3 garlic
1 tsp fine granulated sugar
A little salt


Step 1
Tomatoes are tomatoes. Tomatoes are tomatoes,

Step 2
Eggs choose native eggs or ordinary eggs according to your preferences, except for the difference in taste. Nutrition is almost the same

Step 3
Fine celery is used for decoration to increase taste, and garlic is used to enhance taste and assist absorption

Step 4
Add hot oil into the pan and fry the eggs. Remove

Step 5
Then pour in tomatoes and stir fry for a while

Step 6
After a little stir fry, the tomato has a little juice. Pour in the eggs and season with salt and fine granulated sugar

Step 7
Stir fry for a while and serve