Spinach can be eaten in many ways, such as soup, cold mix, stir fry alone, meat dishes, and even pasta with its green juice. Today, LeiBao will share with you a common practice of spinach – fried egg with leek. Although it is simple, it actually needs to pay more attention to skills, so let’s take a look at the specific methods!


1 handful of spinach
3 eggs
2 garlic


Step 1
First, clean the spinach, especially the sediment at the root. Many people find it troublesome to remove the root directly, but it is very nutritious and it is not recommended to throw it away;

Step 2
Start the pot, pour in a little more water, boil over the fire, add 1 tablespoon of salt, add a few drops of edible oil, blanch spinach for about 30 seconds, and then remove the cold water;

Step 3
Drain the spinach with over water and cut it into small segments. If the spinach heads are thick, cut them half way to taste, then knock the egg into the bowl, stir in a little salt and pepper, stir it with chopsticks, and finally slice the garlic into garlic.

Step 4
Start the pot again, but heat an appropriate amount of edible oil. After the oil is heated to smoke, pour in the egg liquid and change it to a low fire. Tilt the pot with the handle in one hand to let the egg liquid flow;

Step 5
Pour an appropriate amount of edible oil into the pot again. After the oil is hot, pour in the minced garlic and stir fry to give the flavor;

Step 6
Pour in spinach, add a little salt and a little oyster sauce, stir fry evenly;

Step 7
Finally, pour in broken eggs, stir fry again, and then put them on a plate and take them out of the pot;