Usually, tomato scrambled eggs are fried on the gas stove, and the oil fume is also very large. Today, we use Meidi microwave oven to cook tomato scrambled eggs, which not only has no oil fume, but also does not need to put oil, so we can make healthy, delicious and delicious tomato scrambled eggs!


2 tomatoes
2 eggs
1 shallot
Proper amount of salt
Proper amount of water


Step 1
Prepare food materials;

Step 2
Put the eggs into a microwave bowl, wash and dice the tomatoes; Wash and dice shallots;

Step 3
Add salt, 2 tbsp water and scallion, stir well, cover and leave a hole; (add a small amount of water properly to the two egg liquids, so that the eggs bitten out in the microwave oven will not be old and taste best.)

Step 4
Put it into the microwave oven and select high fire P100 for 3 minutes;

Step 5
Take out the microwave bowl, scatter the egg pieces with chopsticks, pour in diced tomato and stir evenly;

Step 6
Cover the hole and put it into the microwave oven. Select high fire P100 for 3 minutes;

Step 7
Healthy and delicious scrambled eggs with tomatoes in microwave oven are ready.