Every family likes to eat tomatoes, and Xiaobai can also cook it. I have asked many people what the first dish to cook in the kitchen is, and the answer is almost scrambled eggs with tomatoes. My family and I are no exception. It seems that we agreed. This dish tastes sour and sweet. Children like to eat sweet. It tastes more delicious with some sugar. Bibimbap is very good. Recently, the price of vegetables is really expensive. The price of tomatoes is about 8 yuan, 500 grams, and the cost of cooking with a tomato is about 5 yuan. Eggs are more than twice as cheap as tomatoes. Say what you say and eat what you eat. During the epidemic, there was no choice. The takeout sent nearly 100 yuan for a matching dish of about 8 kg, including a Chinese cabbage of about 5 kg. You gave very few expensive dishes. Three tomatoes are the price of buying a bag of tomatoes before. This dish is expensive and must be eaten. In the northeast, it depends on the dishes transported from outside. Some are not picky. Today’s dish is different from other scrambled eggs and tomatoes, because it tastes super beautiful and fresh with leeks! Try it. Don’t miss the delicious home cooked food.


1 tomato
3 eggs
Right amount of leek
A spoonful of vegetable oil
Proper amount of salt


Step 1
Wash tomatoes and leeks and set aside.

Step 2
The leeks are also cut into shorter pieces for standby.

Step 3
Cut the tomatoes and cut them into pieces according to your habits.

Step 4
Beat the eggs, add some salt and stir them into foam.

Step 5
Fry eggs in hot oil and hot pot over medium heat, otherwise the eggs will be fried and smell chicken dung. ha-ha

Step 6
Stir fry the eggs into lumps and add tomatoes to the scrambled eggs.

Step 7
Just change the color of fried tomatoes, because tomatoes can be eaten raw, so don't fry too much, otherwise they won't taste good. Add salt in this step. Stir fry.

Step 8
Add leeks in the fried vegetables. The point is different from other eggs and tomatoes, because adding leeks tastes super beautiful and fresh. Try it.

Step 9
To stir fry quickly, just turn off the fire. Leek is afraid of frying for a long time. It's fresh and tender.