The classic scrambled eggs with tomatoes are not greasy. They are also loved by many children. With this plate, it seems that everything else is out of sight. Sour and slightly sweet tomatoes stir fry a little soup. Most of them are neat lumps, which is very appetizing. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, which will not be damaged after short heating. They can also release some lycopene, which is very beneficial to the body.


2 large tomatoes
3 eggs
Appropriate amount of vegetable oil
A little salt
A little shallot


Step 1
Clean the tomatoes and prepare the eggs;

Step 2
Cut tomatoes into large pieces;

Step 3
Put the eggs into a bowl, pour a small tablespoon of about 10 grams of cold water to disperse, so that the scrambled eggs are fluffy, fragrant and tender;

Step 4
Heat the oil in the hot pot, put the egg liquid into the pot, stay for a while, after the egg liquid at the bottom solidifies, break up the egg with a shovel, cut it into pieces and take it out of the pot;

Step 5
Pour in tomatoes, stir fry gently, sprinkle a little salt;

Step 6
When some tomatoes become soft, return the eggs to the pot, mix them evenly and bring them out of the pot. The remaining temperature will continue to heat the tomatoes, which has both style and taste.