Fanbeiding can supplement brain power and prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, for the middle-aged and elderly people who are prone to cardiovascular diseases, fanbeiding is a healthy food and a good calcium supplement for children., The scallop, cabbage and meat dumplings are delicious and nutritious.


750g dumpling powder
600g Chinese Cabbage
500g scallop meat
400g pork
50g vegetable oil
30g sesame oil
8g refined salt
3 G monosodium glutamate
50g soy sauce
30g yellow rice wine
10g scallion
8g ginger
Proper amount of water


Step 1
Ingredients: cabbage, pork, scallop meat, dumpling powder

Step 2
Chop up scallop meat and put it into a basin. Put a little rice wine and mix well

Step 3
Add chopped meat, ginger, soy sauce, salt and monosodium glutamate

Step 4
Stir in one direction and marinate for a while

Step 5
Wash and chop cabbage and put salt

Step 6
Wash it with clean water to squeeze out the water

Step 7
Marinated stuffing, put chopped green onion, sesame oil on chopped green onion, put cabbage squeezed out of water, and put vegetable oil

Step 8
Stir evenly in one direction to form stuffing

Step 9
Put salt into the dumpling powder, add water and dough, knead well, cover with a wet cloth and wake up for more than 15 minutes

Step 10
Knead the awakened dough into long strips, sprinkle it with thin noodles, make it into dumpling agent, press the dumpling agent flat, and roll it into a round skin with thin edge and slightly thick middle with a small rolling pin

Step 11
Put stuffing into the round skin and squeeze the mouth into a dumpling shape

Step 12
Put water into the pot and bring to a boil

Step 13
Put the dumplings into the pot one after another, and slowly push them around the pot with a spoon. When the dumplings float

Step 14
When the water is boiling, order cold water two to three times. When you see that the dumpling skin and stuffing are away from the drum, you can take them out and put them on a plate later