Dumplings filled with leek are very popular all year round. Leek is not only nutritious, but also can prevent colds. It is very suitable for winter.


500g flour
500g leek
250g water
A few scallops
1 egg
A little chicken essence
A little salt
2 tablespoons peanut oil


Step 1
Add proper amount of water and flour to form a dough with moderate hardness and softness. Let it stand for a while and knead it evenly

Step 2
Wash the leeks, soak them in light salt water for 10 minutes, rinse them, chop them into fillings, wash and chop the scallop meat, and put them into a basin

Step 3
Mix dumpling stuffing, first put peanut oil, then add an appropriate amount of salt and chicken essence to taste, and mix well

Step 4
Knead the dough evenly and roll it into a thin dumpling skin with a slightly thick side in the middle

Step 5
When making dumplings, add a raw egg into the stuffing and mix well, so as to make the dumpling stuffing more fresh. Take a dumpling skin, wrap it with stuffing and squeeze it tightly with both hands

Step 6
Dumplings are ready. Wrap all the dumplings

Step 7
Use a large pot, add more water to boil, cook the dumplings, gently push with a spoon to make the dumplings float, then cover the lid to boil, sprinkle some cold water, cover the lid and continue to cook. Repeat this for 3 times, and the dumplings will be well cooked

Step 8
Take it out and dip it in mashed garlic and vinegar. It tastes super good. You can also dip it in chili oil and vinegar