Ant tree is one of the famous traditional dishes in Sichuan and Chongqing. It belongs to Sichuan cuisine. It is common in restaurants all over the country. Due to the regional differences and living habits between the north and the south, potato flour is often used to make this dish in the north, while mung bean vermicelli is often used in the south


Two fans of Longkou
100g pork
Two green and red peppers each
A spoonful of Pixian bean paste
1 teaspoon salt
A pinch of pepper
A small spoonful of red oil
How many slices of ginger and garlic
A spoonful of cooking wine
A spoonful of soy sauce
Two chives
A few old fashioned


Step 1
Two fans of Longkou, cut the string, fans can be appropriately cut short

Step 2
Bring a pot of water to a boil. Put the vermicelli in and cook until it's ripe. Then remove the supercooled water and set aside

Step 3
Chop pork and marinate with salt, cooking wine, soy sauce and soy sauce for 20 minutes

Step 4
Take out the bean paste and set it aside. Cut the ginger, garlic, Chinese prickly ash well. Cut the green and red peppers and shallots small. I forgot to take this picture

Step 5
Heat the oil pan to 50%. Add ginger, garlic and pepper and saute until fragrant

Step 6
Add the bean paste and red oil and stir fry

Step 7
Add the meat foam and stir fry. If the meat foam sticks together, gently remove it with a spatula

Step 8
When the meat foam is scorched and fragrant, add green pepper and red pepper to stir fry until fragrant. Add appropriate amount of boiling water instead of cold water, which will affect the taste of the meat and make the pepper look bad

Step 9
Pour in the vermicelli and stir well, because the vermicelli are cooked. When the vermicelli are covered with sauce, they can be taken out of the pot

Step 10
Sprinkle a layer of chopped chives out of the pot, and the fragrance will be more intense

Step 11
Super simple beauty dish, delicious and easy to make