I just received the vermicelli from my hometown. I must be an ant in the tree


300g vermicelli
200g minced lean meat
Half a minced garlic
Five slices of ginger
Two spicy millet
5g bean paste
A little green onion


Step 1
Make noodles for 40 minutes

Step 2
After the water rolls, it comes to the vermicelli

Step 3
Worry about the water

Step 4
Pass it with mineral water. It's more powerful

Step 5
Prepared seasoning

Step 6
Put garlic powder, ginger powder... Stir fry until fragrant... Then put the prepared minced meat and bean paste. Stir fry with me

Step 7
Count down the vermicelli, stir fry more, put some soy sauce and monosodium glutamate. Stir fry more to dry the water... Green pepper and spicy millet. Add a little color. Finally, sprinkle some scallion flowers to decorate the plate