Home style tofu in Sichuan cuisine is also known as bear paw tofu. It is said that tofu is cut into thick slices and fried in a pot. In order to stick the pot, you press the tofu by hand. As a result, fingerprints are left on the tofu. The yellow side of the fried tofu is named after “bear paw”. In fact, there is a difference between home-made tofu and bear’s paw tofu: only one side of bear’s paw tofu is fried, while home-made tofu is fried into two sides of yellow. In fact, tofu is fried or fried, fried on one side or fried on both sides. Its flavor and method are the same, highlighting the home flavor. Home flavor is one of the most representative flavor types of Sichuan cuisine, and it is also the most close to people’s life, so it is most loved by people. The narrow sense of “home flavor” in Sichuan cuisine refers to the salty, fresh and spicy flavor of Douban, so this dish is characterized by bright red color, salty, fresh, spicy, soft, tender and delicious tofu


250g tofu
50g pork
25g garlic sprouts
50g edible oil
25g bean paste
200g fresh soup
10g soy sauce
15g water starch


Step 1
Cut the bean curd into 5cm thick slices and deep fry it into two sides

Step 2
Cut garlic sprouts into horse ears, peel and cut pork into slices; Put the frying pan on the medium heat, heat the oil to 50%, stir fry the meat until the seeds are scattered, and stir fry the Pixian Douban

Step 3
Add fresh soup, red soy sauce and tofu

Step 4
Heat over low heat until tofu softens and tastes good. Add garlic sprouts and stir well. Thicken with soybean flour and start to pan