Happiness is not far away, just around you. Three meals, four seasons, daily necessities, do little things well in these ordinary days, and you will touch the true appearance of happiness. May we all be people who know and cherish our blessings, live up to life and live up to everything in life.


A bowl of peas
1 carrot
A dish of corn kernels
Proper oil
A little salt
A little raw
Proper amount of water
A little chicken essence


Step 1
Preparation: husk peas, wash, corn kernels, dice carrots

Step 2
Bring to a boil in hot water. Add peas, corn kernels and carrot kernels and blanch

Step 3
Bring to a boil and remove

Step 4
Drain water

Step 5
Heat the oil and add the vegetables after blanching

Step 6
Stir fry, a little raw

Step 7
Salt, chicken essence, stir fry evenly

Step 8
Can be out of the pot

Step 9
It's very simple