The sweet “fruit corn”, whether boiled or stewed, mixed with salads or made desserts, is a delicious food that people can’t get tired of. It can be said that it is a tall Western food and a home style Chinese food. It is loved by people across every corner of the world. Since the ingredients are so delicious, how can I bear not to add to the icing on the cake! Sprinkle a handful of crispy and refreshing diced cucumber, sprinkle a handful of vitamin bursting diced carrot, sprinkle it with sauce, and finally decorate it. The most important pine nut is the finishing touch of taste. A delicious and bright colored pine nut corn is really mouth watering!


300g corn
100g cucumber
100g carrot
100g pine nuts
1 tbsp starch
Half tablespoon refined salt
Half tablespoon sugar


Step 1
Wash the fresh sweet corn cob

Step 2
Peel the new corn with a thresher for standby

Step 3
Dice cucumber and carrot respectively, and remove the shell and inner epidermis of pine nut

Step 4
Add sugar to the starch and dissolve it with water for standby

Step 5
Put the bottom oil into the pot. When the oil is slightly hot, put pine nuts. When it makes a Zizi sound, you can remove it

Step 6
After the pine nuts are taken out, put the corn, cucumber and carrot into the pot, add a little refined salt and stir fry over medium heat

Step 7
Stir fry for 3 minutes. When the scent comes out, add the sauce in advance.

Step 8
When the sauce becomes transparent, you can take it out of the pot. When placing the plate, sprinkle pine nuts on the corn