Yesterday, a friend sent me a bag of snails. She said that her father had touched them and had kept them for many days before he brought them to me. I really want to eat this snail, because I haven’t tasted it for more than a year. Before the Qingming Festival, snails are fresh and fat. Don’t miss it, but remember to keep them for a few more days


500g snail
2 peppers
2 teaspoons salad oil
A little sugar
1 teaspoon soy sauce
4 teaspoons cooking wine
Appropriate amount of chives
1 packet of pickled mustard
1 ginger
Half a spoonful of spicy powder


Step 1
Prepare all the ingredients.

Step 2
Wash the snail with rice washing water.

Step 3
Stir fry ginger and pepper in the pot.

Step 4
Then put the screw into the pot and stir fry, add an appropriate amount of sugar to taste..

Step 5
Then add soy sauce and pickled mustard strips to taste. Stir fry and add half a small bowl of water.

Step 6
Stew until the snails are ripe, and then add an appropriate amount of spicy powder to taste.

Step 7
Finally, add scallion and adjust a fresh taste.

Step 8
Let's have one if you like.