From January to December every year, it is the peak season for Kazak herdsmen to smoke meat and horse intestines. Kazak herdsmen are best at making horse intestines. Their self-made smoked horse intestines are similar to our Han sausage. They also choose horse meat suitable for fat and thin. First wash the horse intestines, cut the horse meat into pieces, and add some spices to enema. What they make is smoked horse intestines. Smoked horse meat is similar to our own bacon. It is smoked with pine branches and firewood until it is dried. Kazak horse intestines and bacon are oily but not greasy. They are thin and fat. They are not only pleasing to the eye, but also of high nutritional value. They are usually eaten with onions. And has a special flavor. Now many people in Xinjiang and tourists from other places will buy some smoked horse meat and smoked horse intestines as gifts to relatives and friends. From February 3 to 6 this year, at the times square of Binhe Park in Emin County, the horse intestines made by Wantong animal husbandry Co., Ltd. in Emin county were displayed on a large plate with a diameter of 6.5 meters. It was 71 floors high and more than 4 meters high. The smoked horse intestines were 1111 meters long and weighed 4572 kg. Four tons of meat from 44 horses were selected. It took 12 people 10 days and was worth more than 300000 yuan. The length broke the Guinness record.


A smoked horse sausage
100g leather teeth
Appropriate amount of vegetable oil
Proper amount of salt
Proper pepper granules
Moderate spicy skin


Step 1
Ingredients: smoked horse intestines, onions, green peppers, spicy skin, pepper granules, soy sauce, vegetable oil, chicken essence

Step 2
Wash the bubble of smoked horse intestines and steam them in a steamer

Step 3

Step 4
Peel and slice onions, wash and cut into sections with hot skin bubbles

Step 5
Wash and cut screw pepper into sections

Step 6
Heat the pot with cold oil, add pepper and spicy skin, stir fry over low heat to produce flavor

Step 7
Add onion cubes

Step 8
Stir fry horse sausage slices evenly

Step 9
Add chili cubes

Step 10
Stir fry with soy sauce

Step 11
Add chicken essence, stir fry evenly, taste and bring out of the pot