Mutton is very fresh, but some people say mutton is mutton. In fact, I think it tastes like this. If it’s Pickled mutton with onion, ginger and cooking wine, it’s better not to eat it.


200g mutton
Half root scallion
15g vegetable oil
3 g salt
8g raw extract


Step 1
Soak mutton slices in water to remove blood

Step 2
Dry the water and put it on the plate

Step 3
Sliced scallion

Step 4
Then cut the wider wire

Step 5
Put a little oil in the pot

Step 6
Add mutton and stir fry

Step 7
Stir fry until medium rare

Step 8
Season with salt and soy sauce

Step 9
Put shredded green onion and continue to fry. When it is cooked, it can be out of the pot

Step 10
Start, it's fresh