When it comes to mutton, you will think of fried mutton with scallions, because mutton and scallions are a perfect match and are a natural pair. Eating in winter can warm the stomach, expel cold, dredge meridians, activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis, and scallions can also effectively remove the smell of mutton


200g mutton (fat and lean)
1 green onion
10g shredded ginger
40g raw soy sauce
2G cooking wine
1g pepper
1g salt
10g edible oil
5g corn starch


Step 1
Cut the mutton into thin slices

Step 2
Cut the scallion white and scallion core separately, and then cut some shredded ginger

Step 3
Add an appropriate amount of pepper to mutton (remove fishy smell and smell)

Step 4
Pour in raw soy sauce

Step 5
Add 5g corn starch

Step 6
Grasp well and marinate for 5 minutes

Step 7
Heat the pot, put some oil, add scallion, stir fry and remove

Step 8
Stir fry shredded ginger with cold oil in a hot pot

Step 9
Stir out the ginger flavor, immediately put it into the mutton slices and stir fry

Step 10
Just fry it and change color

Step 11
Pour in a little cooking wine and stir fry evenly

Step 12
Add scallion and stir fry evenly

Step 13
Pour in the onion core and stir fry

Step 14
Add a little salt and stir well out of the pot