In the cold winter, bring yourself a plate of warm mutton. The operation is simple and fast. It warms the spleen and stomach when you are full of food


250g mutton
1 green onion
3 cloves garlic
8g raw extract
4 grams of soy sauce
4G cooking wine
4 g vinegar
4G oyster sauce
3 g Sugar
8g clear water
5g starch
0.5g salt
3 G edible oil


Step 1
Raw materials: mutton (I bought ready-made mutton slices), scallions and garlic

Step 2
Prepare a pot of boiling water, put the mutton slices into the pot, stir them up with chopsticks, don't wait for the water to boil, quickly take them out for standby

Step 3
The scallion is divided into scallion white and scallion leaves. The scallion white part is cut into hob blocks and the scallion leaves are cut into sections

Step 4
Bowl juice: add soy sauce, cooking wine, soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, oyster sauce and salt, add sliced or crushed garlic, add water, add starch, stir well and set aside

Step 5
Pour oil into the pot. The oil is a little hot

Step 6
Add scallion and stir fry until fragrant

Step 7
Add mutton and stir fry quickly

Step 8
Add onion leaves and stir fry

Step 9
Finally, pour in a bowl of juice and stir well to get out of the pot

Step 10
finished product