This dish is simple, but it has strict requirements on mutton and heat. The mutton is best the lamb from Bashang. It’s fresh and tender but not mutton. The meat should be fried until it’s just cooked, and the scallions can’t be fried and wilted… In this way, we can make delicious scallion fried mutton. They all said that today’s fried mutton with scallions played a super level. Hey, hey


300g mutton
350g scallion
Proper amount of salt
Appropriate amount of sugar
Proper oyster sauce
Proper raw extract
Appropriate amount of starch
Proper ginger slices
Proper cooking wine
Proper oil
Appropriate amount of chicken essence


Step 1
Slice mutton, add ginger, a little salt, sugar, raw soy sauce, cooking wine and starch, and then add oil and marinate for 10 minutes.

Step 2
Scallion cutting hob block for standby

Step 3
Heat the oil in the pot

Step 4
Put in the meat slices

Step 5
Quick stir fry

Step 6
Stir fry the meat until it is 9 mature. Add scallions and stir fry quickly. Add oyster sauce, a little salt and chicken essence and stir fry evenly.

Step 7
Take out the pot and put it on a plate. Onions and mutton are just cooked.