Fried mutton with scallions is a traditional dish. If you want to make it delicious, you’d better cut mutton slices yourself. Now some use the so-called mutton slices of hot pot instead, which is really easy, but the quality of meat slices is greatly reduced. At the same time, it’s best to choose green onions. It’s better to have more green and white parts.


500g mutton
200g scallion
1 tbsp oil
8 g salt
1 tbsp cooking wine


Step 1
Main and auxiliary ingredients: scallion, mutton

Step 2
Slice the frozen mutton

Step 3
Scallion cutting hob block

Step 4
Heat oil and stir fry scallions until fragrant

Step 5
Put the sauteed scallions out and set aside

Step 6
Leave oil and a little scallion in the bottom of the pot, add mutton slices and stir fry

Step 7
Stir and cook with cooking wine

Step 8
Stir fry quickly and evenly, season with salt

Step 9
Add spare scallions

Step 10
Turn over the spoon and stir well, then turn off the fire

Step 11
Out of the pot and put on a plate, you can serve