Food always brings all kinds of memories. When my child’s father went back to his hometown to do business, his mother asked him to bring me a bag of pickled mustard. Seeing this bag of pickled vegetables, I immediately remembered my high school days more than ten years ago. At that time, I was a resident student. I could only go home on Saturday afternoon every week, and I had to go back to school on Sunday. At that time, I never left home. I was particularly uncomfortable, and the food in the canteen was not oily enough, Those who have little water have no appetite. When I came home at the weekend, I held my mother and said I didn’t want to live in school and wanted to go home. Although it’s not far away, my parents insisted on letting me live in school because I was a girl and there was no pick-up. It would be dangerous for me to go home and school alone. I know I don’t like the food in the school canteen. Every week, my mother will make me some pickles that can be preserved for a long time and take them back to school. In those years, my mother pickled many kinds of pickles, potherb mustard is one of them. Every time before returning to school, my mother would fry a pot of shredded pork with soybeans and potherb mustard, put a lot of meat, fry it, put it in an extra large glass bottle and put it in my schoolbag. This big bottle is enough for me to eat for a week.


100g dried soybeans
250g pork tenderloin
A handful of pickled mustard
Proper amount of ginger
Proper amount of dry red pepper
Appropriate amount of edible oil
Proper raw extract


Step 1
Prepare all kinds of materials. Soybeans need to be blistered in advance;

Step 2
Put the soaked soybeans in a small pot, boil the water for about 10 minutes, and cook the soybeans;

Step 3
Pork can be shredded or minced into minced meat. Pickled potherb mustard can be chopped after cleaning, ginger peeled and sliced, dry red pepper;

Step 4
Mix the meat with a little edible oil so that it won't dry when frying;

Step 5
Heat the frying pan and put edible oil in it. Because lean meat is used in this dish, the oil should be a little more, otherwise it is not delicious. After the oil is warm, put dry red pepper and ginger slices in it and fry until fragrant;

Step 6
Put the shredded meat in and stir fry to change color;

Step 7
Pour in the cut potherb mustard and stir fry evenly;

Step 8
Then pour in soybeans and stir fry. At the same time, pour in some soy sauce. No more, just color the meat; In the process of frying, a little water will come out from the red in the snow. You can fry more for a while to collect the juice. Because potherb mustard is a pickle, it is very salty. Don't put salt here;

Step 9
Fried mustard with shredded pork is out of the pot. I haven't eaten my mother's pickled vegetables for a long time. With such a small plate, I ate two bowls of rice.

Step 10
Fry more at a time, put it in a fresh-keeping box, refrigerate it in the refrigerator, take it out whenever you want to eat, and mix rice and noodles are very good.

Step 11
Sometimes a person doesn't want to cook at noon. It's also good to have a bowl of snow vegetables with noodles.