Shredded pork in Beijing sauce can be said to be a very homely Beijing dish. Usually, the restaurant is usually at the bottom of green onions. Our family likes cucumbers in this season. They are tender and crisp, with sufficient water and fresh taste. It is a very good side dish to dip in sauce. Therefore, when I made shredded pork in Beijing sauce, I cut shredded cucumbers and a small amount of green onions at the bottom, Shredded pork with strong soy sauce flavor and crisp cucumber are another taste experience.


150g pork tenderloin
1 tofu skin
1 / 3 cucumber
1 section of scallion
1 tbsp sweet noodle sauce
2 slices of ginger
1 tbsp vegetable oil
1 / 2 teaspoon salt
1 / 2 tbsp cooking wine
1 teaspoon starch


Step 1
Wash and cut the tenderloin into even filaments, then mix well with salt, starch and cooking wine and marinate for a while

Step 2
Cut the green onions and cucumbers into thin filaments. Dilute the sweet noodle sauce with two tablespoons of water

Step 3
Scald the tofu skin with boiling water, cut it into four squares and put it on a plate

Step 4
Shred ginger, heat the oil in a wok, and saute shredded ginger

Step 5
Put in the cut shredded meat, quickly cut it with chopsticks, and then pour in the sweet noodle sauce

Step 6
Put the chopped scallions and shredded cucumber on the plate with the tofu skin, and then pour the fried shredded pork on it